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Product Description

The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems VR5D. flatbed UV printer combines revolutionary technology, industry leading quality and outstanding speeds to satisfy the most demanding environment.

The VR5D utilizes a CMYK plus white ink system with the latest Ricoh Gen 5 print heads and features proprietary BandGUARDTM technology. BandGUARD Technology uses a symmetrical print head alignment (ymckw-wkcmy). By placing the same dot pattern in each direction this unique technology practically eliminates bi-directional and cure banding allowing owners of the VR5D to print better quality at faster speeds than other UV flatbeds in its class. The VR5D can be configured with 2-10 print heads. This offers adopters of the base model future scalability.  The VR5D can easily be upgraded on-site (up 10 print heads) for increased speed and productivity. “We have found this model of scalability to be well received within the marketplace. Print service providers would much rather upgrade their existing equipment than dealing with the hassle of selling a used machine and purchasing another in an effort to gain more productivity,” said Jim Peterson Co-COO at Vanguard Digital.

The VR5D flatbed is designed to accommodate a full range of rigid, semi-rigid and flexible media up to 49” x 99” and 4” thick. All VR5D machines come standard with CureGUARDTM, an LED curing system with adjustable curing that allows users to print on the most heat-sensitive substrates. Another standard feature of the VR5D is StaticGUARDTM which reduces static electricity on media such as PVC, acrylics, corrugated plastic and any other static prone media.

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