Vivid Trimfast Board Cutting Systems


Product Description

Trimfast Board Cutting Systems comprise of a number of interacting products which together offer a high degree of performance and accuracy. The cutting head, which is common to all Trimfast board cutter rails, includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts standard utility blades and standard scoring blades. A 45mm (1 3/4”) textile cutting wheel and holder is included as standard.


TFBC-60 – Length: 24 Inches

The unique lightweight, single extrusion design of the Trimfast Board Cutter, is set to give an accuracy within 1mm / 0.04″ tolerance.

TFBC-100 – Length: 39 Inches

TFBC-150 – Length: 59 Inches

TFBC-200 – Length: 79 Inches

TFBC-250 – Length: 98 Inches

TFBC-300 – Length: 118 Inches

TFBC-400 – Length: 157 Inches

TFBC-450 – Length: 177 Inches

TFBC-500 – Length: 197 Inches

TFGPC-60 – Length: 24 Inches

The cutter includes blade magazines for standard utility and scoring blades, as well as a 45mm / 1.8″ textile cutting wheel and holder.

Portable and ready to go cutter, no accessories required. Ideal as a table top cutter or can be mounted on an optional stand.

TFGPC-60 – Length: 39 Inches

TFGPC-100 – Length: 39 Inches

TFGPC-150 – Length: 59 Inches

TFGPC-200 – Length: 79 Inches

TFGPC-250 – Length: 79 Inches

TFGPC-250 – Length: 98 Inches

TFGPC-300 – Length: 118 Inches

The straight edge is made from extruded aluminium and anodised, meaning the device has been designed to last and is ideal for any workplace. It has been designed and made uniquely, with its arched shaping, allowing the cutter to be safer to use helping to avoid any tool slippages. It also helps to focus downward pressure securely when cutting.

On the underside of the straight edge, there are two full length silicon inserts to allow easier gripping and protecting sensitive surfaces. The front edge of the device has a full length dual metric/imperial scale and a press-fit stainless steel bead, helping to protect the aluminium edge from blade and cutting damage.

This device is essential for cutting, scoring and pen lining.

TFSSE-60 – Length: 24 Inches

TFSSE-100 – Length: 39 Inches

TFSSE-150 – Length: 59 Inches

TFSSE-200 – Length: 79 Inches

TFSSE-250 – Length: 98 Inches

TFSSE-300 – Length: 18 Inches

TFICS-60 – Length: 24 Inches

Elevating the cutter will allow you to align and cut your work single handed, an ideal solution for sign-making businesses who operate alone. The systems base unit contains a cutting groove, this allows the blade to slice cleanly through the material meaning that cutting mats are not required.

The cutter is made from aluminium, meaning the device is hardwearing and built to last, making it ideal for any workplace. It can be permanently fixed to a table with no need for accessories.

TFICS-100 – Length: 39 Inches

TFICS-150 – Length: 59 Inches

TFICS-200 – Length: 79 Inches

TFICS-250 – Length: 98 Inches

TFICS-300 – Length: 118 Inches

TFICS-350 – Length: 138 Inches

TFICS-400 – Length: 157 Inches

TFICS-450 – Length: 177 Inches

TFICS-500 – Length: 197 Inches

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