Thermotype Zip-CSCL Pro Cutter/Slitter/Creaser


Product Description

Cutter Slitter Creaser – THERM-O-TYPE Corp. – Competitive models offer limited finishing capabilities on stocks up to 13 – 15 pt thick.

The heavy-duty Zip-CSCL Pro can run stocks up to 18 pt. and can add up and down cross creases in a single pass.

Zip-CSCL Pro features and capabilities include:
– Windows based touch screen computer control
– Store and retrieve up to 500 programs
– Run up to 18 pt. thick stock
– 14.5” x 20” max. paper size (26” long optional)
– “Offset” style suction feeder with double sheet sensor
– 13.5” feeder capacity

Auto Adjust cassettes allow one across, two across and single fold card widths to be accurately adjusted using the touch screen computer.
Optional Auto-Adjust rotary tooling cassettes can be run on Zip-A3E, CSCL and TS2L models. Auto Adjust product width adjustment can be made .001″ increments.
– Full length alignment table with micro side registration and skew adjustment
– 1” minimum product width
– 1.7” minimum product length
– Guillotine cutter
– Cross perforating
– Cross creasing (up and/or down creasing in one pass)
– Hole punching (round, square, oval, etc.)
– Die cut corner slots to hold business cards
– Strike perforating
– Strike slitting
– In-line slitting, scoring, perforating and semi-slitting
– Delivery conveyor
– Batch/surge delivery control
– Waste eject gate
– Designed and manufactured in the USA

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