Thermotype Zip-A3E Mark IV Pro Cutter Slitter


Product Description

Cutter Slitter, Cutter Slit – THERM-O-TYPE Corp.

• High throughput speed:
Fastest programmable cutter/slitter in the world.
• Fast set up:
Windows based touch screen (10.2″) control.
• Delivery conveyor:
   Improved product delivery.
Product collection while the machine is running.
• Large scrap capacity:
Over 4.5 cubic feet of scrap collection capacity.
• High reliability:
   Heavy duty construction with proven components.
• Offset press style air feeder
   13.5″ paper load capacity
• Enhanced accuracy:
   +/- 0.0005 business card slitting accuracy.

Zip-A3E Pro features and capabilities:

– Windows touch screen control.
– Job storage and retrieval (up to 500 jobs).
– Quick change rotary tooling cassettes.
– Pre-configured and auto adjust cassettes.
– Inline gutter slit, semi-slit, perforate and/or score.
– Gutter cut “chip proof” slitting blades.
– High precision slitting accuracy.
– Adjustable score (depth and width).
– 1.7″ minimum cut off length.
– 1″ minimum slit width.
– Handles coated/uncoated, laminated & UV coated papers.
– 14.75″ by 20″ maximum sheet size.
– Delivery conveyor.

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