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Product Description

Right Angle Slitter – THERM-O-TYPE Corp.

The THERM-O-TYPE RAS-mc is the only right angle slitter that effectively combines high speed productivity with product size flexibility.

RAS-mc features include:
– Compact footprint
– 14” x 20” maximum sheet size
– 13.5” feeder paper capacity
– “Offset press” style feeder
– Double sheet detect interrupt
– Tape belt alignment table (main section)
– Hybrid alignment system (right angle section)
– Quick change rotary tooling cassettes
– Centerline paper path
– Integrated emergency stop
– Waste control/collection
– Delivery conveyor

Using the RAS-mc, customers can efficiently slit multiple-up products from sheets at speeds up to 6,000 sheets per hour.

Quick change rotary tooling cassettes allow multiple product sizes and formats to be slit. Product size and format changeover can be completed in as little as two minutes, without tools.

Heavy duty, gutter-cut slitting blades are used for finishing multiple-up products with bleeds.

Competitive right angle slitters do not use quick change cassettes. In most cases, this limits each right angle slitter to running one format/size. If multiple product sizes are required, customers typically buy multiple right angle slitters. If a right angle slitter breaks down, the ability to produce that product size is lost until the machine is brought back online.

Requiring a dedicated right angle slitter for each format/size increases the equipment investment, limits product size flexibility and consumes valuable floor space.

With the RAS-mc, customer can purchase multiple cassettes and easily switch between formats/sizes. Cassettes are dramatically less expensive than purchasing additional right angle slitters. This allowing more product size flexibility and a smaller footprint in the plant. If multiple RAS-mc machines are purchased, there is backup for all products. If a machine breaks down, operational equipment can be used to produce any of the products, using interchangeable cassettes.

Adding the auto adjust upgrade, to the RAS-mc, further improves product size flexibility by eliminating the need for a dedicated, fixed size slitting cassette for each product. Using auto adjust cassettes, a wide range of product sizes can be accurately slit without the operator manually positioning blades or exchanging cassettes. The auto adjust upgrade can also dramatically reduce the costs associated with purchasing multiple fixed blade position cassettes.

The Auto adjust Cassette upgrade includes:
– Electronics enclosure with touch screen computer
– Main auto adjust cassette(s)
– Right angle auto adjust cassette(s)
– Cables

The auto adjust upgrade can be added to any RAS-mc or RAS-mc+ right angle slitter.

RAS-mc and RAS-mc+ slitters that have been upgraded can use auto adjust and fixed position cassettes separately or in combination.

Up to eight product sizes can be programmed, stored and recalled for each cassette combination. Stored size information can be changed by the operator as desired. Odd sizes can also be programmed to provide maximum finished size flexibility.

Selecting a stored product size and auto adjust blade spacing takes less than five seconds.

Side edge waste deflectors are automatically adjusted with side trim slitting blade assemblies on main and right angle auto adjust cassettes.

The original RAS-mc right angle slitter is designed to produce flat cards. This model is now a proven machine operating in multiple, heavy use installations.

Customers have requested a RAS version that can produce folded as well as flat cards.

To satisfy this requirement, THERM-O-TYPE has introduced the RAS-mc+ configuration with inline scoring and slitting on the right angle section.

Two rotary tooling cassettes are mounted on the RAS-mc+ right angle section. One cassette is configured for slitting and the other for scoring. Fixed and auto adjust slitting cassettes can be used on the RAS-mc+ to dramatically increase product size and format flexibility.

The RAS-mc+ scoring cassettes offer a unique combination of important features.

Score depth is controlled using an adjustment lever and scale. Using this system, operators can quickly and accurately set the desired score depth.

A micro adjustment is provided to move the score side-to-side. This adjustment moves the top and bottom scoring hubs together, maintaining tooling alignment.

Running 20-up business cards:
A special RAS-mc configuration is available for customers who run 20-up, 2” x 3.5” business cards.

The business card configuration includes a modified infeed section on the right angle section and a delivery conveyor with full length partitions between each row of business cards.

RAS-mc machines that have been configured for business cards can also run multiple up flat card products using fixed size and/or auto adjust cassettes. However a second delivery conveyor is required.

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