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Product Description

TEC Lighting’s WebCure lamp heads feature state-of-the-art technology and design. These advanced features, coupled with the flexibility of fitting almost any press type, have made TEC Lighting an industry leader in UV curing technologies. The WebCure UV curing system provides outstanding performance and reliability with current applications in the printing, packaging, plastics, wood, and electronics industries. TEC Lighting is known as “The first name in UV curing solutions.”

Our customized “Cool Option” consists of an optically balanced package, which provides the ability to run high-heat sensitive substrates. Our special combination of dichroic filters, hot-mirrored quartz barrier glass, and our closed-loop auto damper heat management package enables our system to cure at both low and high print speeds without the use of chill rolls.

The heat management cooling system is linked through a dedicated blower, which is driven through the power supply. The system uses RTD sensors, thermocouples and an auto damper all looped through a digital thermostat for optimum heat management.

The TEC Lighting lamp cassettes come standard with mercury vapor lamps. Cassettes are easily removable for serviceability and for mobility from station to station. Our multi-focal point, highly polished elliptical reflectors enable maximum UV spectral output while also acting as a clam-shell shutter mechanism, providing web protection in press idle mode. Our single Uni-Cable design provides lamp power, pneumatics and lamp controls along with the utility of quick disconnects.

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