SCS Automaberg Easy Fly Pro



Product Description

  • Easy and quick format change
    Only approximately fifteen seconds are required for changing size automatically by simply keying in the book dimensions (length, width and thickness ) via the touch screen.Smaller in dimensions, this face trimming unit is the challenge for the digital market becoming thus the ideal solution for the BOOK ON DEMAND
  • Tungsten Carbide knife cuts against plastic stick
    Perfect trim quality thanks to innovative technology used.
  • No marking on the cover
    EasyFly Pro does not use vacuum or suckers, but accomplishes the opening by working in the trim away area of the book, thus avoiding any damage whatsoever on the cover.
  • Long flaps? no problem
    EasyFly Pro can handle long or multiple fold flaps without any problem.
  • Capability of personalizing the book
    Opening only the bottom or the top cover, or, if required just a single cover is achieved by an easy setting.
  • No change of traditional layouts
    Easy Fly Pro can be positioned before or, if required, after the three knife trimmer by just replacing a piece of conveyor, without changing the layout of the existing line.
  • Unit used as through-pass
    By simply pushing a button EasyFly Pro is transformed into a regular conveyor belt, no bypass or similar equipment needed.

Easy fly pro

Spine length of book to be handled max 520 mm min 100 mm
Book width trimmed max 350 mm min 100 mm
Book thickness max 60 mm min 3 mm
Width of trim waste max 45 mm min 3 mm
Max mechanical(The actual speed and the net result depend upon format and kind of product, material quality, skill of operators and the general condition of operation) 5.500 cicli/h
Compressed air requirement 100 l/min a 6 bar
Installed power 6 kW
Supply Voltage 400 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 3.014 x 1.381 x 1.813 mm
Weight 2.440 kg

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