RENZ Inline 750


Product Description

Renz Inline 750 Punching and Wire Binding Machine – Professional Line

Fully automatic binding line for books and calendars

For RENZ RING WIRE® from spools for books, calendars and skip-binding.

Production line of the latest generation with fully automatic format changing.

The Inline 750 consists of the following components: ASM 750 punching module and ABL 750, automatic binding machine.

Large format range: 70 mm up to 750 mm, diameters from 3/16″ (5,5 mm) to 1″ (25,4 mm).

The product to be bound is placed on the feeding table (or automatically fed from the collating machine), is then automatically punched, transported towards the binding element and closed.

The KAS 300 IL (calendar hanger tool) is required for producing calendars. Straight wire pieces are formed into the hanger shaped and are then automatically guided into the wire before closing. By this patented RENZ®-techonolgy preparing and inserting the calendar hanger manually is a thing of the past.

Fully automatic spool dewinding with winding of separation paper strip. For the trouble-free dewinding of all diameters. The winding of the separation paper helps reduce waste in the work area.


  • connection with assembly machine (for significant quantities)
  • integrated punching process for calendar hole opposite the binding side
  • KAS 300 IL calendar hanger feeding with the binding cycle
  • DBW cover page turner
  • KL 750 cross-delivery
  • transfer station to a packing machine (for significant quantities)

Optionally available for this machine is a spare parts package. If you buy it with the machine it ensures high availability for critical spare parts as well as for spare parts with long delivery time.

If necessary the required spare parts are immediately available on-site. With the help of a spare parts package downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.


  • the main control panel used touch-screen technology. The screen clearly displays all current machine data.
  • all order-related machine data can be set on the touch-screen and can be stored for repeat orders
  • extremely large format range: binding side from 100 to 750 mm, unbound side from 120 to 800 mm, extended covers up to + 150 mm (max. 850 mm)
  • the product is transported on a low-wear drive belt
  • fully automatic inline operation for books and calendars up to 4 mm thickness
  • multiple feeding of manually separated punching layers for books and calendars of thicknesses of ≥ 4 mm
  • operation: manual separation – feeding – punching – collating – binding – cover page turner – delivery
  • the ABL 750 single machine can be retrofit with the ASM 750 punching module
  • quality “Made in Germany”

Technical Details:

Working width: max. 750 mm
Format range bound side: max. 750 mm, min. 100 mm
Format range unbound side: max. 800 mm, min. 120 mm
Punching thickness: max. 4,5 mm
Book thickness: max. 20 mm
Possible wire diameters: 3/16″ up to ø 1″ (6,9 – 25,4 mm)
Pitch: 3:1, 2:1
Job memory: 50 storage spaces
Piece counter: yes
Processing of straight wire pieces: KAS 200 IL, KAS 300 IL, KAS 500 IL
Machine: Lenght x Width x Height: 9,2 x 5 x 1,9 m
Weight/ net, gross: approx. 4.000 kg depending on machine configuration
Required space: approx. 50 – 60 m² depending on machine configuration
Compressed air: 7 bar, 750 – 800 l / min.
Power supply: 3 x 230/400V / 50Hz / 3ph
International voltages: all local voltages available on demand

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