RENZ Inline 360


Product Description

Renz Inline 360 Punching and Wire Binding Machine – Professional Line

Fully automatic binding line with high speed punching and binding system

Inline 360 – fully automatic binding line with high speed punching and binding system, where book blocks are dropped on to the infeed (conveyor), punched and re collated and fed automatically into the binder. Allows for less product handling and full automation of punching and binding. The Inline is also capable of punching and binding calendar sets with either nail hole or calendar thumb cut.

Basic equipment punching module:

  • horizontal product feeding with 3 feeding stations
  • the machines separates the books into variable layers of 0,2 – 2,4 mm per stroke
  • fully automatic format change
  • by using punching dies with optional QSA (quick size adjustment) the
  • set-up times are negligible when removing and inserting the dies. The QSA technology allows punching pins to be disengaged very quickly for the format changes.

Basic equipment binding module:

  • designed for book and calendar binding (skip-bindings)
  • pitches: 3:1 + 2:1 (fully automatic change of pitches)
  • the transport cassettes can be set individually for the paper transport
  • variable speed of the transport belts
  • fully automatic presetting of stroke and closing limitation
  • unwinding of spools with release paper rewinding

All specification information is subject to change.


Technical Details:

Format range bound side: max. 360 mm
min. 125 mm (85 mm with optional adjustment for small formats)
Format range unbound side: max. 360 mm
min. 115 mm
Book thickness: max. 20 mm
Punch and binding capacity: 40/min respectively 2.400/hlogistics and operator)
Possible wire diameters: 3/16″ (5,5 mm) – 1″ (25,4 mm)
On set of closing bars is required for each ø
Pitch: 3:1, 2:1
Punching: cycles: 120/min respectively 7.200/h (one idle cycle in between the products)
Machine: Lenght x Width x Height: 4150 x 4380 mm
Required space: approx. 15 m²
Compressed air: 7,5 bar 450 – 500 l/min.
Power supply: 3 x 230/400V / 50Hz / 3ph

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