Polar Automatic Joggers


Product Description

Inline and offline jogging. The jogging work cycle can either be integrated into a cutting system or carried out separately on a stand-alone jogging system. POLAR automatic joggers are available for all offset sizes (up to 121 x 162 cm).


Automatic jogger R: 

The automatic jogger POLAR R prepares new material off the cutting machine. This ensures that cutting is continued while new material is prepared and the cutting machine output is considerably increased. The precise alignment of the material to be cut, and the resulting improved cutting accuracy lays the foundations of a uniform and high quality of the final product.

All of the POLAR automatic joggers, including basic model R, come standard with nickel refined tables which are provided with air nozzles for a smoother material transport.

Pneumatically operated tiltable gauges with air nozzles on both sides make unloading easy, too. Depending on the direction of inclination, the jogger motor’s direction of rotation is automatically switched over. The air supply can be optionally activated for the jogging process.

Automatic jogger RA:

POLAR’s automatic jogger RA is of the same design as standard modell R, but includes an air-removing roller with variable air-removing pressure.

The air can be pressed from the paper reams in one or two cycles. With the table in tilted position, the removal is possible also in between times.

Feature for automatic jogger RA-7S: The loading process is eased by tiltable gauges which are divided on both sides and equipped with air nozzles.

Automatic jogger RAH:

POLAR’s automatic jogger RAH is of the same design as standard model R, but as the RA model it includes an extra air-removing roller. It is especially suited for integration into a cutting system.

The jogged material is automatically unloaded to the rear, into the STR piling-board shelf or onto the buffer table of a high-speed cutter. A gripper loading system transfers the reams onto the rear table of the high-speed cutter.



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