Photobook Technology Mitaform


Product Description

Mitaform – Joint Forming Machine

The MITAFORM has been developed to meet MITABOOK’s customers request to further improve the shape of fold area of cased-in books. Heated and exchangeable fold forming irons become also necessary when a particularly shaped form of the joint area is required like for example with side sewn books. The MITAFORM is a mechanically and electrically independent device, which can be installed on new as well as existing MITABOOK casing-in machines. Forming irons can be easily exchanged to adapt to the required shape of the fold area.


  • Simple to operate
  • Independent adjustment of temperature, pressing time and required pressure
  • Easily exchangeable forming rails

Technical Specifications

Back to front: min. 150 mm (6 inch) max. 360 mm (14 inch)
Height: min. 130 mm (5 1/8 inch) max. 400 mm (15 ¾ inch)
Book Thickness: min. 2 mm (5/64 inch) max. 40 mm ( 1 ½ inch)

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