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Product Description

mitabook – Hardcover Casing-In Line

A fully-automatic, hardcover, casing-in machine, specially designed to economically produce hardcover photo books and children’s books in small quantities, for example photo books, children books etc. PUR perfect bound book blocks can be cased in right after binding. Practically zero make ready small floor space and easy of operation make the Mitabook a unique production line.

Unique Features

  • The book block does not have to be split in the center prior to be placed onto a wing.
  • By not using a wing, scratch marks on the delicately printed inside image are avoided
  • Operation requires one person only to feed book blocks and cases and‚ to take off the completed books with the joints formed
  • Extremely small floor space required: 2×2.5m
  • Simple to operate and rapid fully-automatic motorized size change via touch screen
  • Use of state-of-the-art software and adhesivetechnology
  • Gluing station does not need to be cleaned, even after interrupted use

Back to front: min. 150 mm – max. 360 mm (min. 6 inch – max. 14 inch)
Head to tail: min. 130 mm – max. 400 mm (min. 5 1/8 inch – max. 15 3/4 inch)
Book block thickness: min. 2 mm – max. 40 mm (min. 5/64 inch – max.1 1/2 inch)
Case thickness: min. 1.5 mm – max. 3.5 mm (min. 1/16 inch – max. 1/8 inch)
Production speed: up to max. 7 books / minute – depending on size
Floor space: 2 x 2.5 m
Weight: ca. 1‘000 kg

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