PhotoBook Mitafold


Product Description

The Mitafold precisely creases and folds sections to be subsequently glued back to back in the Mitamax. With its creasing bar,soft fold pocket and pressure rollers the machine can handle thin board, silver halide paper, offset paper with or without lamination and regardless of grain direction.

Special Features

  • Precise crease and fold position
  • Interchangeable rule and matrix creaser
  • Pressing rolls
  • Touch screen operating panel
  • Suitable for silver halide paper
  • Pressing rollers

Technical Specifications

Sheet size: min.150 x 200 mm max.450 x 900 mm
Paper weight: Crease: min 80/ max 500gr – Fold: min 120 / max 450 gr
Paper thickness: Crease: min 0.1/ 0.8 mm – Fold: min 0.16 / 0.65 mm
Creasing pressure: 40 – 500 kg
Speed: max. 10’000/h – depending on size
Machine weight and dimensions: 450 kg. /2’500 x 850 x H 1’350 mm

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