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Product Description

PT Series

Completely economical manual pile turner with optional aerating and jogging for 28X40 formats.

This popular series of pile turners is available in three different configurations to completely cover the 28 X 40 inch format print shop.  Turning, Turning and Aerating, and Turning, Aerating, and Jogging.  Highly robust, yet economical in every detail, see how productive a PT series pile turner can be for you.

  • More productive than turning by hand.
  • Less stress on the stock and your workforce.
  • Powerful aerating blower helps remove debris from the stock, improving print quaility.
Space Requirements 59 X 85 1/2
Inner Platform Dimension 31 1/2 X 50 5/8
Maximum Sheet Size 31 1/2 X 47 1/4
Maximum Platform Opening 52 3/4
Minimum Platform Opening 28
Maximum Pile Weight 2,200 lbs
Turning Time 60 seconds

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