Microcut B-65 Paper Control System


Product Description

Product SummaryThe B-65 system is a complete clamp/cut control system that can replace an existing control system and is available as an OEM package for new machines. The system does require the installation of a microcut PLUS WS backguage control system for the operator interface.

Features of the B65 control system include:

  • Full machine control with dual channel internal control
  • Two independent CPU’s
  • Two independent oscilator controlled fail safe channels
  • Two independent force guided relays to control primary drive power
  • Cross monitoring
  • Full internal safety checking
  • Full status and diagnostics shown in microcut display
  • Voltage options for clamp and cut solenoids
  • Independent voltage option for safety pin power
  • Auto cut option
  • Clamp only option
  • Cut optimize operation for machines with independent locking valve.
  • Programmable clamp pressure
  • Auto stop down option for knife adjustment
  • Multiple safety curtain options

Important safety note: The B65 system is an electronic control only and will not compensate for mechanical or hydraulic shortcomings in the machine.

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