Horizon BQ-500


Product Description

The BQ-500 perfect binder is designed for increased book-of-one productivity, increased automation, and increased quality control over a wider range of substrates regardless of run length. The BQ-500 is the first perfect binder to come equipped with iCE LINK, Horizon’s new cloud-based JDF workflow and job-management tool. The system features an improved and easy-to-use 12.1” touchscreen for quick setup, an ergonomic design for efficient, operator-friendly operation, and an enhanced delivery system for thin books.

Book Block Max: 12.59″ x 12.59″
Min: 5.70″ x 4.13″
Cover Size Max: 12.59″ x 26.37″
Min: 5.315″ x 8.859″
Cover pile height 5.90″
Thickness Max: 2.55″
Min: 0.039″
Cover Thickness Coated: 104 to 348 gsm
Uncoated: 81.4 to 302 gsm
Production Speed Up to 800 books/hr

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