Hohner Orion 4


Product Description

The flexible size

This All-Advanced Wire Stitching Machine shows your strength through:

  • Massive, multi-head wire stitching machine specifically designed to handle large staples
  • Possibility of installation of up to four HOHNER narrow head headers UNIVERSAL 70/20 for staples of 0-20 mm with the proven Hohner wedge cut.
  • Excellent suitability both as a solo machine and as an installation unit as well as for special constructions
  • Fast and easy table-adjustability of block-stitching (straight) on brochures (oblique) by a handgrip
  • The possibility of exceptional stapling positions in the staple by the insertion depth of approx. 230 mm from clinch boxes (eg calendar production)
  • Possibility to buy staples at any time
  • Simultaneous and central adjustment of the stapling strength and wire length for all heads via only one lever
  • Perfect, desired clamp positioning by means of a rear and two lateral, adjustable stops
  • Highest user friendliness and flexibility during format changes
  • Possibility of changing the ring eyelet
  • Maximum stapling capacity per head 192 staples / min.
  • Table size of 1000 x 330 mm

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