Hohner HSB 9.000 – The toolless tool


Product Description

The way of the middle – user-friendly & economical The HSB 9000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for an automatic saddle stitching machine for the further processing of pre-folded sheets for small and medium runs. Behind its compact dimensions, our “semi-automatic” conceals a great variety and high know-how for the user. For example, format settings are tool-free and mean efficient and user-friendly work in the shortest possible time; In the case of extremely reduced personnel use, this saddle stitcher can produce up to 9,000 products per hour with high quality requirements and without any staple offset. In addition, the HSB shows 9,000 format, because it is with a maximum format of 365 x 350 mm classbester. Ring loops are not a problem for him as an option. At Hohner, your quality and profitability considerations are taken seriously and implemented in a user-friendly manner. The advantages in brief:

  • Subsequent expansion and adaptation of the system to your individual needs thanks to an extensive modular system (various optional options for expansion: from a hand feeder to 8 automatic single sheet feeders, automatic reversing boom, double-sided device, 2: 1 circuit,
  • Knife connection via a yoke
  • 12 ball circulating bushings for highly precise guidance and extremely long service life of the blades
  • No stapling offset – Stapling and positioning of the clamps is perfect
  • Compact dimensions with high performance profile – reduced space requirements
  • Minimized personnel requirements
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly application height

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