Hohner HSB 13,000 – The Modular


Product Description

With high-tech in the future – flexible and efficient.

The HSB 13,000 is our most future-oriented solution with the least amount of personnel required for your value chain in the saddle book range. The set-up times are shortened again. The HSB 13,000 can be flexibly converted into new orders ranging from small format to A3 (oversized) in a fast and flexible way.

The intelligent programming guarantees the automated integration of all components and settings into the system. In addition, the new drive technology, combined with the motion control solution of the automation software, represents a perfect and state-of-the-art drive system. This ensures that once executed jobs can be repeated at any time by simply pushing a button , Stored processing process. Their quality and efficiency requirements as well as the well-known Hohner user-friendliness are perfectly connected and optimally implemented in the HSB 13,000, our modular saddle stitcher with optional automation.

Modular, user-friendly & intelligent

The advantages in brief:

  • Optional fully automatic adjustment of all components and aggregates (including staples)
  • Easy menu navigation as well as appealing visualization via an operator-friendly touch screen for controlling and controlling all relevant components
  • User-friendly setting points
  • Ergonomic landing height
  • Minimum personal requirements
  • Automatic format presetting
  • Maximum format uncut: 475 x 325 (350) mm (maximum formats can not be combined)
  • Maximum format cropped: 470 x 320 (345) mm
  • Sequential switching on and off
  • Integrated staple clamp control
  • Automatic central lubrication for minimized
  • Motorized adjustment in all elements – including staples –
  • Equipped with the world-wide proven narrowing headers of the technology leader Hohner
  • Knife connection via a yoke
  • 12 ball circulating bushings for highly precise guidance and extremely long service life of the blades
  • Easy adjustment of the creasing
  • Optional remote diagnosis option
  • Modular system with comprehensive, individual adaptation options to suit your needs
    (diverse optional expandability: from a hand investors to 16 automatic signatures individual investors-automatic cover feeder,
    (or 18 Signature feeder without cover feeder), two-up device. 2: 1 circuit clip control, counter stacker As well as transport system for cutting waste)
  • Speed control before neutralization of the
    feeders (self-regulating monitoring function)
  • Electronic handwheel in the trimmer (self-synchronization when exiting the set-up mode)
  • Sequential investor monitoring

More options

  • Small format
  • Vacuum generation via vacuum pumps
  • Optional remote diagnostics (incl. Video conferencing tool)
  • Camerasystems (feeders) for quality control (image comparison and barcode)
  • Up to 6 automated staples
  • Inline punching, punching, rounding on all four sides possible
  • Economical LED lighting for all components
  • Operating data acquisition
  • Extended operating modes
    (eg variable suction time in the reversing boom)
  • Degree of automation
  • JDF (Job Definiton Format)

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