Hohner ExactPlus


Product Description

The semi-automatic

This stapler with hand attachments allows you:

  • Normal and ring eyelet or mixed use
  • In contrast to conventional saddle staples, it can be used for stapling and stapling even unusual formats or grammages
  • Retrofitting up to 6 attachments
  • Maximum efficiency with up to 4000 cycles per hour
  • Gentle handling of the brochures by means of double carriers
  • Equipped with up to 4 individually insertable and removable narrowing headers Universal 43 / 6S
  • Quick change to the practical function “offset stitching”
  • High flexibility for small print runs and pattern stitching as well as oversize
  • Brochure format (back x sides):
    100 x 80 mm to 430 x 340 mm

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