CWT Matrix Series Laminators


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Product Description

Laminator, Foiler & Spot UV Effects

Matrix offers the best value in laminators and foilers on the market. The laminators are simple to use, easy to maintain, quick and reliable. You can laminate, foil and spot-uv with Matrix. The pneumatic pressure rollers allow you to laminate, foil and spot-uv effect certain substrates up to 50% quicker, saving both time and cost.

matrix-mx-370p matrix-mx-530p

Matrix 370P
Pneumatic Fully Automatic Laminator & Foiler
14″ Maximum Lamination Width

Matrix 530 Series
Pneumatic Fully Automatic Laminator & Foiler
20″ Maximum Lamination Width

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Performance and Reliability

  • Only system to be Modular allowing the Matrix to grow with your business.
  • An Easy-to-use finger tip control panel.
  • Anti-curl presets, ensure that whatever you laminate – comes out smooth and flat.
  • Foiling embellishments onto various stocks.
  • Metallic (rubber roller) option for producing more Foiling than Lamination.
  • Two sizes to suit sheet requirement.
  • Available in single or 2 sided option.
  • Modular Automatic deep pile Sheet Feeding can be added.
  • Service and Support by our expert in house engineers and specialists.
  • Parts & Supplies in stock at CWT Worktools USA, Irving Texas.

Productivity You Can Depend On

  • INCREASE – Capacity and productivity to take on more jobs
  • IMPROVE – Speed and accuracy of production
  • CONFIDENCE – In precision and reliability of output day after day
  • DECREASE – Waste, downtime and labor costs
  • REMOVE – Production obstacles and process in finishing

Solutions for Graphics and Packaging Markets

  • Commercial Printers
  • Copy Shops
  • In House Printing
  • Book Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Short Run Packaging
  • Prototype Packaging delivers 100 (12 x 18”) sheets laminated one side in 6 minutes, 24 seconds.


Matrix Control Panel Matrix Steel Lamination Roller Matrix Pnematic Rollers
Ease To Use Control Panel

Select language, temperature, sheet length and speed all from 1 integrated control paneling out patented multilingual control panel

Steel Rollers

Ensuring a superior quality finish.

Pneumatic Rollers

Designed for maximum pressure and ensuring a superior bond to your prints.

Matrix Pneumatic Control Unit Matrix Semi Automatic Feed System Matrix Anti Curl Technology
Pneumatic Control Unit

Accurately control the pressure on the pneumatic rollers.

Semi-Automatic Feed System

Includes side lays to ensure the print fees in perfectly.

Anti-Curl Technology

Ensuring the print is always laminated smoorht and flat.

Matrix Perforation System Matrix Automatic Separator & Colletion Tray Matrix Omni Flow Deep Pile Auto Feeder
Perforation System

Automatically perforate each sheet after it is laminated.

Automatic Separator & Colletion Tray

Laminated prints are output finished and ready to be trimmed, creased or folded.

Omni-Flow Deep Pile Auto Feeders

Optional feeders can be retrofitted to all 370 and 530 Pneumatic and Duplex models, saving time and money by fully automating your workflow.

Matrix Models

matrix-mx-370p matrix-mx-370p matrix-mx-370dp matrix-mx-530p matrix-mx-530dp
Matrix 370P
Single Side Laminator & Foiler
14 inch Maximum Lamination Width
Matrix 370MP
Single Side Laminator & Foiler
14 inch Maximum Lamination Width
Matrix 370DP
Single Side Laminator & Foiler
14 inch Maximum Lamination Width
Matrix 530P
Single Side Laminator & Foiler
20 inch Maximum Lamination Width
Matrix 530DP
Double Side Laminator & Foiler
20 inch Maximum Lamination Width

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