Busch Multiple Banding Machines MB 54/74/104



Product Description

The space-saving Multiple Bander is used for banding rows of paper piles, such as labels, square-cut on a guillotine.

Installation either as a stand-alone machine (e.g. with an air pallet lift) or linked to all known guillotines.

An increased output of the cutting plant is achieved by more effective work flow.

Also applicable for mixed sheets (patented machine system).

With 4-6 banding stations as standard and up to 12 stations as an option, with central adjustment. Banding material is either polyethylene tape or kraft paper tape.

Standard equipment with integrated feed pusher, safety light barrier and clear text display. The machine height is adjustable to achieve a variable height for the working plate. The slope of the roller delivery is also adjustable. All models are available either for delivery to the right or to the left side.

To make use of the high output especially of MB 74 and MB 104, it is advisable to place a combination of two guillotines in front of the multiple bander – to increase the output of the banded products.


Multiple Bander MB 54 MB 74 MB 104
Max. feeding size L x W mm 540 x 1040 740 x 1040 1040 x 1040
Max. banding size L x W mm 540 x 250 740 x 250 1040 x 250
Min. banding size L x W mm 43 x 25 43 x 25 43 x 25
Max. pile height H mm 125 125 125
Min. pile height H mm 30 30 30
Number of banding stations –
optional up to 12 stations
4 4 6
Machine output strokes/min. 8 8 8
Banding material polyethylene foil 80µm, coated kraft paper 70/30g/m²
Width mm 25 (optional 20, 30 or 40)
Machine weight, net kg 730 810 930


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