Busch die cutting BL/BLS


Product Description

Standard equipment includes 5 (for BL) or 6 (for BLS) adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders.

Once the material (square-cut sheets) is inserted the cutting stroke is released when the safety light barrier is activated.

  • Model BL has a maximum die-cut size of 220 x 260 mm – or a diameter of 250 mm for circular products.
  • Model BLS has a larger die-cut size of 230 x 320 mm – or a diameter of 260 mm for circular products.
  • These robust and powerful machines are used for die-cutting all types of material and where higher volumes are required also. The machines are used for cutting contours of large-sized labels, brochures, children’s booklets, credit and loyalty cards.
    The models are also suited for die-cutting labels in a two-up system, e.g. detergent labels and similar.For this procedure labels are interlocked in pairs to save material and guillotining time.
  • The machines are commonly used for counter-pressure cutting when handling special material, e.g. inmould labels.


Model BL BLS
Max. die-cut size mm 220 x 260 230 x 320
Min. die-cut size mm 15 x 15 20 x 20
Max. stack height
(height of cutting die 60 mm)
mm 190 190
Die-cutting pressure kg 5.700 5.700
Die-cutting strokes max. p/min 18 16
Max. machine output
(feeding 1.000 sheets, label paper 80 gsm)
sheets/h 1.080.000 960.000
Weight kg 1.350 1.450

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