BAUM Cut “E” Series Paper Cutters


Product Description

BAUM Cut “E” Series Programmable Cutters

The BAUM Cut “E” Series programmable cutters are efficient, compact, and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance.

The BAUM Cut offers high-productivity precision cutting with maximum safety in mind. Infrared safety beams, two-hand timed cut release and covered rear table help ensure operator safety.

These heavy-duty, full-hydraulic paper cutters feature easy push-button programming and stores up to 198 programs with 6464 cut steps. Noise levels are kept to a minimum since the motor runs only during cutting operations.

The BAUM Cut “E” Series Cutter is available in 3 sizes: BAUM Cut 22E, BAUM Cut 26.4E, and BAUM Cut 31.5E.

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