BAUM 714LXT Microgluer Folder Gluer



Product Description

BAUM 714XLT Microgluer Folder Gluer Features:

  • 3 Segmented urethane folding rollers for all idler rollers
  • 2 lines of perforating tooling
  • 10 Perforating blades, 64-tooth
  • 8 Pullout tire asseblies for the exit shafts
  • Mobile cart to enclosed folder air/vacuum pump and mount glue tanks
  • Pre-assembled glue system with minimal installation time
  • GMS controller with mounting post
  • Easy pruge system to clean valves
  • Gear-driven folding rollers
  • Total sheet counter
  • Can be used to create self-mailers and or regular non-glued folds
  • Available in eith 110/1/60Hz or 220/1/50Hz electrical configuration
  • Loading and unloading at the same end of folder
  • Rack and pinion gearing side guides on the feed table

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