Prevent Lead Edge Nicking on the Folding Machine

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Checking your folding machine for these problems can help you to create perfectly-finished books, pamphlets, and more!

If you have a folding machine in your printing facility, then you know how frustrating it is when the lead edge of a sheet is torn or nicked by the machine. This usually happens when creasing or scoring a single sheet, although it can also happen when perforating. There are several reasons that lead edge nicking occurs, and there are also several ways you can prevent it.

How to Solve Common Lead Edge Nicking Problems

There are several things that can lead to lead edge nicking. Luckily, the problems each have their own solution. Try checking your folding machine for all the variables below to see if you can come up with a long-lasting solution to the problem.

  • Machine speed. Experiment with slower or faster speeds to see if this solves the problem. A lot of times, the solution to the problem is really this simple.
  • Paper curl. Heavier paper and paper grain tend to contribute to lead edge nicking. You can use extra perf strippers to guide the sheets smoothly.
  • Wrong combination of male rib and female channel. Rather than opening the slitter shaft gap, try using different sizes of male ribs and female channels to see what works. Keep in mind that a new type of paper or changes to the environment can affect the paper folding.
  • Pull out wheels. Sometimes pull out wheels just need to be replaced. If you’ve replaced old pull out wheels and the nicking is still occurring, try offsetting the wheels a little. If that doesn’t work, adjust the slitter shaft gap. Finally, if that doesn’t work, then offset the wheels completely.
  • Mechanical problems. If you have ongoing problems with lead edge nicking, despite trying everything above to solve the problem, then it’s probably time for a checkup. The problem could lie with worn slitter shaft bearings or bushing or bent shafts. Atlantic Graphic Systems performs maintenance on a wide variety of printing machines.

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