Xerox Separates into Two Companies


The two new companies will be better equipped to meet the growing needs of customers as well as constituents.

Two months after Kodak sells its inkjet business, it looks like another big-name company in the printing industry is going through some big changes. Xerox recently announced that it will be separated into two publicly traded companies. One company will be called “Conduent, Inc.”, while the other will remain Xerox Corporation. Conduent will be the Business Process Outsourcing company, while Xerox will be the Document Technology company.


The name “Conduent” was chosen to convey the way the new company will work to connect clients and their constituents in massive scale areas like customer care, transportation solutions, and healthcare payer and provider services. “Conduent will begin its next chapter as a standalone company with a name that conveys the vital business we conduct every day,” says chairman and CEO Ursula Burns. “Conduent is well-positioned to build on its strong heritage as a leader in business process services and will carry forward the values and culture of innovation, diversity, and integrity from Xerox.”


Xerox is known all over the world for revolutionizing the way people communicate. The company originally pioneered copying technology, and now it makes significant contributions to digital technology, software, and services. This is why the Document Technology company has chosen to keep the iconic Xerox name.

“With unparalleled brand equity in printing and imaging, there is no better name for our document technology and document outsourcing businesses than Xerox. Building on its deep understanding of how the world works, communicates and shares content, the new Xerox will continue to help clients improve their workflow, productivity, and business performance, no matter where they are on their digital journey,” says Burns.

Xerox had approximately $11 million in revenue and approximately 39,000 employees, making it a Fortune 500 scale company. With the split into two publicly traded companies, the company will better be able to provide quality service and products to its constituents and clients well into the future.

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