Wide-Format Printing Market is Growing

wide-format printing

The popularity of wide-format printing is rising.

The growth of the wide-format printing market has always been slow and steady. However, because of recent developments in technology, the market is growing at a faster pace. Photizo Group vice-president of sales and marketing Ron Iversen says, “Historically, the wide-format printer business from a hardware standpoint has been quite a slow low-growth market, but what is driving growth in the market is new developments in ink and in the media itself.”

What’s Boosting the Wide-Format Printing Market

The reason that the wide-format printing market is growing is due to sales of ink and media, which makes up almost 80% of the wide-format market. New developments in the technology of printhead platforms is also making wide-format printers work more quickly and efficiently. For example, HP’s PageWide printhead technology can cover the entire width of a sheet in high speeds that have not been seen before. Faster printing technology means that more and more people will be using wide-format printing, and more media and ink is being consumed in the process. Iverson adds that “These wide-format printers are now going to get into commercial production and take business away from the conventional presses. It means more ink, more media. It is a cycle.”

The Numbers Add Up

HP’s wide-format printhead technology has boosted them above the competition in the wide-format printing market. In fact, HP is the number one global supplier of wide-format ink for the $2.32 billion market. A report that breaks down ink into categories of UV, latex, aqueous and eco-solvent projects revenue from wide-format ink supplier to rise to $2.46 billion by the end of 2016. Last year, approximately 1.27 billion gallons of ink were shipped globally.

Wide-format printing is a competitive and growing industry. If you’re interested in equipping your printing company with a wide-format printer, talk to our sales team about our wide-format printer options. Already have a wide-format printer? Call us if you need maintenance or want to upgrade.

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