Uplifting the Newspaper Business with Colter & Peterson SABER Paper Cutter

Can the right equipment improve your newspaper business?

Can the right equipment improve your newspaper business?

While the newspaper industry has seen contraction for many years, Community Impact Newspaper in Pflugerville, Texas (near Austin) is seeing renewed hope with help from a 54” SABER paper cutter and jogging system/stack lift from Colter & Peterson.

General manager David Ludwick, who spearheaded the equipment purchases, says that he first saw the machine at this year’s Graph Expo in Orlando: “I really liked the double arm action on the SABER and received positive responses about it from other printers. A printer I spoke with in Oklahoma said his SABER cutter has lasted a long time. The computer interface also made a big difference. Compared to the machines the other companies showed us, it was more logical and user-friendly.” For Ludwick’s business, which circulates mail to 1.7 million residents, great care had to be made when purchasing equipment. Ludwick also mentioned that C&P’s ability to meet his stringent deadlines played a big factor in his decision.

The Machine

A workhorse paper cutter, this SABER features a computerized Microcut PLUS system and a 15” touch screen with CIP3 and CIP4 file capability. Part of what makes this trimming machine so in demand is the automated process. The system is able to improve productivity by guiding the back gauge into position each time and deliver precise cuts within 1/64 of an inch. The machine also memorizes all cutting sequences automatically to save additional setup time, a big boon for CIP operators running it 40 hours a week.

“It’s working out great and we are really impressed,” said Ludwick. “The installation last month went fine and the trainer did a great job. The speed is good and it is easy to use and program.  Our operators have plenty of experience with different paper cutters at their previous jobs, and they really like the SABER’s features, accuracy, and how the whole system works together.” For Community Impact and other Newspapers around the nation, production machines like this are a major victory.

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