Kodak Plans to Sell Inkjet Business

kodak sells inkjet business

Kodak has decided to sell its inkjet business. Who will buy?

The iconic Kodak company is currently in talks to sell its Prosper enterprise inkjet business. Kodak is also planning on exiting silver metal mesh development so that it can focus on developing touch sensors on copper mesh technology. This shift away from silver metal mesh and towards copper mesh shows Kodak’s investment in its fledgling micro 3D printing technology.

Managing Finances

Kodak emerged from bankruptcy protection in 2013 after 20 months of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kodak’s largest problem in the recent years leading up to bankruptcy was handling legacy costs associated with a time when Kodak was a much larger company. Today, Kodak’s shift away from its Prosper enterprise inkjet business and towards micro 3D printing shows that the company is becoming smaller and more niche.

Selling the Prosper enterprise inkjet business is a smart, belt-tightening move for Kodak. Kodak has now cut its 2016 revenue guidance from between $1.5 billion to $1.7 billion in 2016 to $1.8 billion to $2 billion. In 2013, the year Kodak emerged from bankruptcy, it also managed to narrow its annual loss from $118 million to $75 million.

Will Proper Guidance Save Kodak?

These big financial moves have occurred after Antonio Perez became the CEO of the company. Perez has proven to be a huge help for Kodak. Since he has taken his role as CEO, he has managed to restructure the company’s traditional film business as well as guide the development of the company towards more modern technology. It was under his guidance that Kodak filed for bankruptcy, emerged from bankruptcy, and is now selling its Prosper enterprise inkjet business. A few questions emerge as Kodak continues to navigate corporate waters: Who will purchase the Prosper enterprise inkjet business? Will micro 3D printing explode with Kodak at the forefront? Or will Kodak continue to struggle as it becomes an increasingly smaller corporation? Only time will tell.

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