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Wide format printers are a great solution for big printing needs!

Wide format printers are an awesome technology with a wide array of uses: print banners, posters, trade show graphics, murals, vehicle wraps, electronic schematics, theatrical backdrops, architectural drawings and much more. Wide format printers are computer controlled and support a print roll width between 18 and 100 inches. If you’re in the market for a wide format printer there’s a number of considerations you should keep in mind.

Selecting a Wide Format Printer

When selecting a large format printer you should consider color, cost, performance, and image quality.

    • Color and/or Black & White – A black and white printer generally performs faster and produce more robust (waterproof) prints. Consider your printing output and determine whether or not color is necessary for your printing needs.
    • Costs – Don’t just consider the initial investment. The running costs of a wide format printer are important too. Make sure your service contract provides adequate coverage for spare parts and software updates.
    • Speed & Performance – Look for the printer’s listed speed in the technical specifications. If you have a continuous flow of documents the throughput speed will be important. If the machine is going to be used intermittently then you will want a shorter initial print time.
    • Image Quality – While we often think of image quality in terms of resolution and dots per inch, there are other things you should consider as well. The way your printer processes images and “interprets” data is important for handling fine or dotted lines. The scan technology of your printer will also determine its ability to suppress wrinkles and folds. The best way to judge image quality is to see it yourself.

Ease of Use

Printing jobs can be complex and time consuming. A brief look into your printer’s interface and previews will not give you a complete picture. You can avoid future frustrations by investigating your printer’s ability to support your particular print jobs, number of users, and loading ergonomics.

Space and Adaptability

Evaluate the floor space needs of your wide format printer. Don’t just look at the physical dimensions, but instead consider the total amount of space that it might take to comfortably work with the printer. Instead of trying to predict the future, make sure your printer is adaptable to changing circumstances.

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