Tips for Solving Problems in Printing

solving problems in printing

Keeping a positive outlook is key to solving problems in printing.

Albert Einstein purportedly said that “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” He’s right; when faced with what seems like an impossible problem, it’s important to get out of our comfort zones and think outside of the box. However, it can be difficult to train ourselves to be innovative problem-solvers at the drop of a hat. A few psychologists interviewed in the Indianapolis Star had some advice for getting yourself into the right mindset to solve problems in printing.

Remain Optimistic

Going into the problem with an optimistic mindset can be key to finding a solution. Keep in mind that there is a solution to the problem so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Don’t Magnify the Problem

Try to view problems in printing realistically rather than emotionally. If something is broken, rather than focusing on the client being upset by the job being late, focus instead of how the problem can be fixed quickly to get the job done on time. Getting angry or upset will often only accentuate the stressful environment even more.

Break It Up

A big problem can be easier to solve if you break it up into smaller parts and focus on each part individually. Ask yourself all the who, what, why, and how questions so that you can fully understand every aspect of the problem.

Team Up

There are many cases where it’s best to team up with someone more knowledgeable who may be able to help you solve the problem. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate work to other responsible individuals if you feel like you have too much to handle.

Challenge Assumptions

There may be a tried-and-true method of solving a problem, but if it doesn’t work, then it may be time to think out of the box. Finding new solutions may also help you in the future if you encounter the same problem again.

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