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Office printing today has been impacted not only by changing business processes but also by a significant shift in the makeup of the workforce itself.

Printing is one of the most basic business processes, one that has been changing with respect to the conveniences that users now have at their fingertips. The way in which we rely on printing has evolved over the years in cohesion with technological developments. Businesses continue to look for ways to increase productivity by automating and, in some cases, completely replacing certain paper-based business processes with digital workflow instead. Technology is changing the way we work and, more specifically, changing when and how much we print. Office printing today has been impacted not only by changing business processes but also by a significant shift in the makeup of the workforce itself.

Mobile Printing

Certain research has indicated that 83% of organizations are interested in deploying mobile printing capabilities for their organization but only 14% have deployed a mobile print solution. The reason behind the lower adoption in mobile printing solutions is a lack of understanding of its potential and difficulty to find a solution meeting the business requirements. Mobile to print can’t replace web to print completely. Assess if your internal team has successfully implemented your web to print solution and are ready to learn and implement mobile to print for your business. Also, assess what percentage of your investment you have recovered from your web to print software and if customer adoption is in place, or if you are still educating your customers to adopt web to print for placing their orders. If your customers are still facing challenges in adoption of basic web to print, adding one more channel will lead to more confusion.

Has Printing become Obsolete?

As far as consumers are concerned, before tablets arrived, the last time printing had been considered high technology had been around 15th century. Today, people seem to be reading mostly from screens, be it mobile, desktop or tablet screens. Declining newspaper sales are merely the most visible reflection of a larger trend. The days when people read things on paper seem all but numbered and digital is the front runner. Office printing isn’t likely to totally die, as we still feel a connection to the tangible aspect of paperwork. After all, many services, such as government forms and applications, still require physical copies and signatures. But we are looking towards a new age!

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