Bad Habits to Avoid in the Printing Industry

bad habits

Many people in the print industry develop bad habits like spending either too much time or not enough time making important decisions.

We all know that as the printing industry changes, printing companies must change along with it in order to survive. Developing the bad habit of staying stagnant and never trying new things, like freshening up your brand image or retraining employees on new technology, is bad form for many struggling printing companies. There are several other bad habits that you can avoid to make sure your company stays ahead of the competition.

Decision-Making Bad Habits

There are two types of people: one who spends months heavily researching a product before committing to a purchase, and one who makes instant purchase decisions without much research or thought. It’s a good idea to strike a healthy balance between the two. You don’t want to wait so long to purchase something that you need that it ends up costing you in labor and efficiency. On the other hand, you also don’t want to end up purchasing something right away that ends up breaking or not working the way you want it to. Still, others will simply say “let’s wait and see” and then not make any decisions at all. This is the worst type of decision-making, because it means that you have no chance of alleviating your problems and simply have to live with them until they become so pronounced that you are forced to take action. In order to be successful, it’s best to put time and effort into making a purchasing decision, while also keeping timeliness in mind.

Fear of Failure

We’re often pressured in life to never fail. A fear of failure is ingrained in a lot of us, and it’s a hard fear to overcome. You may not want to risk purchasing printing equipment that you fear may fail or not work how you want it to. But getting your failures out of the way now means that you’ll have tested and perfected the best methods. They key is to fail faster so that you can get on the road to success. You shouldn’t let the possibility of failure keep you from making the best decisions for your business.

Asking the Wrong Questions

Most people ask the question “What does it cost?” when they should be asking “What is the return on investment?” Opting for the cheapest option often means that you are paying the price in terms of quality. If you’re having a problem now, getting a cheap solution can mean that your problem will still persist, which can cost you long-term in customer relations and employee turnover. While you can get cheaper options with used printing equipment, it’s best to ask about the return on investment to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money.

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