The History of Ink Production, Part 3

the history of ink production

In this week’s blog, we present the final installment of our ongoing series on the history of ink production.

Over the past few weeks, we have covered the long and storied history of ink production. In this week’s blog, we present the final installment of our ongoing series on the history of ink production. After tracking the development of ink throughout the Middle Ages, we finally begin to approach the modern era. Please keep reading to learn more!

From the 19th Century to the Present: The History of Ink Production Advances

Did you know that in 1904, Baltimore suffered a fire? But did you also know that the commercial records of J. McDonald burned? Why does this all relate? Because even though their records were drenched in water for a week, after recovery they were still readable! Legibility after exposure to both fire and water hazards speaks to the incredible durability of ink.

But before that, during the 1800s, synthetic chemical ink really came into its own. Experiments by Faraday and William Henry Perkins in 1825 unlocked the secrets of synthetic dyes that could be commercially produced on an industrial scale. And in 1873, Springmuhl perfected a method for creating a blue dye from a substance known as anthracene. However, decades passed before commercial uses became viable, such as manufactured indigo in 1897.

And finally, we come into the modern era. The modern era’s information age has seen the rise and proliferation of computers, for both home and business. The first generation of computer printers relied on impact printing. In impact printing, an electromagnetic print head drives pins of ink onto the paper. A dot matrix would then form letters or images.

Laser and inkjet printers have become the most popular medium for computer printers since the 1980s, when Xerox first introduced a machine that combined a bitmapped screen with other computer hardware pieces, such as a mouse and a laser printer, as well as software that formed rudimentary text and graphics editing. Renowned technology companies such as Apple and Hewlett-Packard took these innovations to where they are now.

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