Tips for Solving Simple Post-Press Paper Problems

paper problems

Don’t let paper problems get the best of your printing business.

As we discussed in our previous blog, there are many factors that go into the performance of paper and how it affects printing and print finishing operations. Occasionally even the most experienced bindery equipment operator can experience difficulties and unexpected results. Although there isn’t a magic fix to every post-press paper problem, here are a few things you can do to make your print finishing life easier.

Store and Acclimate Paper Correctly

All of the major paper manufacturers have a team of scientists whose job it is to study how to make and successfully print with their products. It’s smart to use their guidelines when it comes to storing, acclimating, printing and finishing. Typically, you will want to ensure that your pressroom has a constant relative humidity (RH). Even if changing the temperature could save you money, it will end up costing you in downtime when paper issues arise.

Keep Track of Important Variables

You won’t be able to fix a problem until you identify possible causes. For any given job, make sure you know the brand and weight of the paper, as well as any inks, varnishes, laminations, or coatings that may have been applied. Track how projects were creased, folded, perfed, and bound. If your shop has some sort of a ticket system, adding pertinent information to the ticket will make it easy to track should a problem occur. This will also make repeat jobs easier and faster, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a particular job. When a large project comes along that introduces new variables, don’t be afraid to run tests all the way through before you commit to a result.

Avoid Cheap Paper

Cheap paper has the tradeoff of greater handling and cutting costs, slower run times on presses and bindery equipment, smashed blankets, rejected jobs, and other headaches. Paper may be one of the largest costs of printing, but the savings on cheaper paper often aren’t worth the other problems they cause. This is particularly true for paper used with digital equipment, as digital presses require specific papers with the right moisture content and print surface.

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