3 Common Guillotine Cutter Mistakes

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Make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes with your guillotine cutter.

If you use a guillotine cutter in the bindery, you may sometimes run into the average problem or two, just as you will with any machine. It’s important to know how to maintain all of your equipment as well as how to recognize certain common problems. Here’s what to look out for if you use a guillotine cutter in your bindery.

Guillotine Cutter Mistake #1: Not Replacing the Blade Often Enough

This is a very common problem. Many people will notice that their guillotine cutter is not making precise cuts, only to find out that the blade is dull and needs replaced. However, the blade should be replaced before it has a chance to get dull. A heavy-duty power cutter can still cut through paper with a dull blade, but it puts extra wear and tear on the hydraulic cylinders and clutch systems. How often you change the knife blade depends on the type of blade and how often you use your cutter. Here are some good guidelines for changing different types of knife blades:

  • Standard Steel Knife Blade: lasts for about 8 hours or about 1,200 cycles.
  • High Speed Steel Inlaid: lasts for about 16 hours or about 3,000 cycles.
  • Carbide Knife Blades: lasts for about 10-20 times longer than the High Speed Steel Inlaid.

Guillotine Cutter Mistake #2: Blades Aren’t Sharpened Enough

There are other factors that play into how well your cutter functions. If your knife sharpening service isn’t sharpening the blades well enough, you can still run into the same problems, even after you’ve installed a new blade. Also, if you’re cutting through thicker materials, such as chipboard, then your knife blade will become dull faster than it normally would with thinner material.

Guillotine Cutter Mistake #3: Cutting at the Wrong Angle

Finally, if you’re still having problems with your cutter, you may be cutting the material at the wrong angle and with the wrong clamp pressure. There is a wide variety of different angles that are required for different types of paper, but here is a very general guideline for how to set the angle of the blade:

  • Soft Paper: 19 to 20 degrees with low clamp pressure.
  • Regular Paper: 23 to 24 degrees with medium clamp pressure.
  • Hard Paper: High angle or double bevel up to 30 degrees with a higher clamp pressure.

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