Tips for Keeping Bindery Equipment Clean

Are you keeping your pressroom equipment clean?

Are you keeping your pressroom equipment clean?

When working in a dusty pressroom, keeping bindery equipment clean can be a big challenge. Paper dust, spray powder from printing presses, and other pollutants are constantly finding their way into every nook and cranny of your machinery. Failure to keep the pressroom clean will not only interfere with bindery equipment operation, but will cost your business time and money in ways you might not expect. Making a habit to clean bindery equipment at the end of a shift or a job will help prevent problems later down the line.

Controlling Dust

A good way to fight dust collection is to focus on controlling where it comes from. Spray powder extraction systems can be retrofitted onto large presses, for example, and waste removal systems are available for cutters and bindery machinery. Another thing you can do to prevent dust build-up is to cover sensitive machine areas when they are not in use. Newer equipment tends to come more equipped with noise hoods, covers and guards that can help keep dust accumulation to a minimum.

Removing Dust

Even with your best efforts to control it, inevitably there will be some dust. As such, you will need to remove excess dust either by wiping, blowing, or vacuuming it off. Vacuuming is the most efficient method, but is not always practical. A lot of print shops and binderies blow dust off with compressed air, but this method runs the risk of getting dust particles into your eyes and lungs. It can also do more harm than good by pushing particles further into the small crevices of your machinery’s electrical components. A combination of wiping and vacuuming is usually the best strategy, using compressed air only for harder to reach areas that are less critical.

Additional Tips

Sometimes there is a buildup of dust in small openings between the tool and shaft. It’s a good idea to clean a shaft before moving any tools that happen to be on it. Wipe the shaft, then loosen the tool and move it one quarter inch. Wipe off any dust you see where the edge of the tool was and then move it again one half inch in the opposite direction. Wipe on the other side of the tool and repeat for any other tools on the shaft.

For tools or collars with threads on them, brush and wipe visible threads to remove dust, and then unscrew the tool to clean hidden threads. It’s important to do this on a regular basis, as threaded collars can freeze up when too much dust accumulates. If that happens, you may need assistance from the manufacturer.

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