How You Can Master Print Finishing Equipment

print finishing equipment

Learning to handle print finishing equipment properly doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Anyone who works in a press room knows how important it is to have a strong handle on the equipment you’re using day-to-day, but the learning process can be slow, overwhelming, and even frustrating for the less experienced. Here are a few ways to avoid common pitfalls and speed up your education.

Read Manuals

Many people get intimidated by the technical-heavy prose that comes with equipment manuals, but you would be surprised how often the answer to a printing equipment problem can be found within a simple diagram located inside your manual. Your printing equipment manual is your first line of defense when it comes to troubleshooting errors, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. Many manufacturers keep their printing resources online today, so even if you can’t find your physical manual you should be able to access an online copy.

Get Proper Training

Basic equipment training can significantly boost productivity for your business. Most of the major printing equipment manufacturers offer training at their facilities or can dispatch instructors to your shop. While on-the-job learning is essential, training direct from a manufacturer is likely to be more thorough and leaves less gaps in knowledge. Manufacturers want to see you succeed with their equipment.


Finding out everything there is to know about your printing equipment shouldn’t just stop with your co-workers. A good equipment technician will likely have valuable tips, tricks and suggestions to share, especially if they regularly work at your shop. They have field experience that often can’t be gained from a manual or training program.

Ask Questions

Don’t be in a rush to get everything done perfectly on your own. Ask questions whenever and wherever applicable. Whether it’s a manufacturer, vendor, or technician, there’s always knowledge to be gained from others. In today’s digital landscape, social media can be a powerful tool for finding answers to even the most niche problems. Remember, speed comes with time and experience.

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