Top 5 Best Coil Binding Machines

What are some of the best coil binding machines available?

What are some of the best coil binding machines available?

Coil binding, which is also called spiral binding, is a popular way to bind pages together. This can be useful for books, presentations, pamphlets, and all sorts of things related to private, professional, and commercial uses. In order to do this properly, you need coil binding machines. To learn more about these machines, how they work, what benefits they offer and the best ones out there, read on.

How Do Coil Binding Machines Work?

Coil binding machines work by first punching holes through the edge of small stacks of pages. The coil is then sent through, which results in something that is quite like the classic spiral notepads many people will remember from high school. Coil binding machines, however, make use of PVC often instead of plastic or metal, which is common in notebooks. The coil brings the pages and cover of any document together in one portable and organized handheld format.

What Benefits does Coil Binding Offer?

When you coil bind a book, pamphlet, presentation, or booklet, the book can be opened a full 360 degrees and folded back on itself. This makes information available for quick reference without taking up excess space. The sheets stay where they are, in the proper order, are easily accessible, and can be turned with incredible ease.  Coil binding is a solid choice for maintenance manuals, recipe books, directories, instructional books, technical booklets, sales presentations, and reports. It also makes for excellent calendars. In the modern world, where many books are available online, it gives those who still prefer handheld books an easy way to bind printed material for their convenience. There are different kinds available to suit both high and low volume needs.

The Best Coil Binding Machines Out There

The 5 best machines of this type out there are:

  1. Akiles RubiCoil Manual Coil Binding Machine
  2. Akiles CoilMac ECI 4:1 Coil Binding Machine with Electric Inserter
  3. Akiles Coilmac-M41+ Plus 13″ Heavy Duty Oval Hole Coil Binding Machine
  4. Akiles CoilMac EPI Heavy Duty Electric Coil Punch & Inserter
  5. Akiles CoilMac M Manual Coil Binding Machine

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