Your Scoring and Perforating Machine Essential Checklist


Following this checklist will help you get the most out of your scoring and perforating machines.

Rotary scoring and perforating machines are essential for any pressroom. While each machine is different, there are a few setup and operation techniques that they all tend to have in common. Here are a couple of handy tips.

  • First, make sure that your paper is well cut. Direct feed machines have a lot of advantages, but every sheet must hit the scoring and perforating shafts precisely in the correct position from one sheet to the next. Each sheet of paper needs to be square and consistent in size from beginning to end. To check this, fold a sheet over to ensure that the leading edge and tail edge are the same.


  • Make sure that your machine is clean. A quick dusting or wipe-down at the end of each shift will go a long way towards improving the performance of your operation.
  • Check infeed guides if the score or perf does not register. Infeed guides may not be square to the shafts, to each other, or may be too tight against the stock. Also check to make sure that the paper is consistently trimmed.
  • If you get double sheets or the paper won’t feed properly, check feed tires and/or rollers. Make sure that feed rollers are not glazed, and clean/rejuvenate them according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Replace them if they are worn out. Also try to avoid having too much stock piled in the feeder on automatic feed machines.
  • Check if the perf or score line is bowed (curved). Guide rollers and feeder tires should apply even pressure. You may also want to try offsetting upper guide rollers so that they’re not in contact with lower rollers, then let the perf or score drive the sheet all by itself. If your machine is equipped with them, check that burr rollers are square.


While this isn’t a comprehensive scoring machine checklist, hopefully there are a few things here that can help prevent or solve some of the basic problems that can occur with a variety of equipment.

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