Four Common Types of Wide Format Printer Ink

wide format printer ink

Wide format printer ink is just as necessary as a common desktop printer’s ink is.

Printers need ink, plain and simple. Wide format printer ink is just as necessary as a common desktop printer’s ink is. Like common desktop ink, wide format printer ink comes in numerous varieties and types. In this blog we’ll talk about those types of ink. Read on to learn more about the four common types of wide format printer ink.


The Types of Wide Format Printer Ink Are

Aqueous Ink: Aqueous ink is the most common type of ink. It is also the most popular for wide format printers. This ink is produced by a technique known as dye sublimation. Common desktop printers also frequently use this type of ink as well. Since it is a water-based ink, as it i’s name hints at, aqueous ink is also extremely friendly to the environment. There are no toxic fumes emitted by aqueous inks and they also need no special considerations for ventilation. Thus, you could place these aqueous ink printers virtually anywhere in your office.

Solvent Ink: Solvent inks also contain dyes, but they are not water-based. They are also more commonly known was “pigment inks.” This type of wide format printer ink works by etching the dye onto the surface of whatever is being printed. The system of printer ensures that a considerably strong bond is formed between the printed surface and the ink itself. However, unlike aqueous inks, solvent inks do give off toxic fumes. Because of this, printers that use this ink should be placed near special ventilation.

UV Cured Inks: UV cured inks are, interestingly, still on the rise. Although this type of ink may seem exotic despite its growing popularity, it is actually quite simple. After a printing job is done, the ink is exposed to UV light. The UV light then transforms the ink. The ink starts out liquid, but becomes solid.

Latex and Resin-based Inks: These types of inks are the newest to enter circulation. They are primarily used on vinyl, paper, fabrics, and polyester. Despite their similarity to solvent inks, a major difference is that they do not emit or contain toxic fumes. In both types of inks, water is used as the base while the color, or pigment, is carried by latex or resin-based materials.

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