Factors to Consider When Buying a Wide Format Printer

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Is your old wide format printer on the way out?

Is your old wide format printer on its way out? Are you looking to get one for the first time? Well, trust our handy guide to help you out in replacing an old unit or acquiring a new one. In this blog we will talk about some of the factors to consider when buying a wide format printer.


Buying a Wide Format Printer? Keep These in Mind

The five most important factors to consider and keep in are these:


  • Quality: Above all, the single most important factor is the quality of the wide format printer. How do you determine what the quality level is? Consider these – resolution, droplet size, and number of ink cartridges.


-Lower resolution printers equipped with better technology can sometimes outperform higher resolution printers with inferior technology. Resolution itself refers to how clear the images or text are. Particularly consider the dots per inch or DPI of images being printed.

-Droplet sizes help determine the crispness of a print job. Droplet sizes are generally measured in units called picoliters. A picoliter is about a trillionth of a liter. But the general rule for droplet sizes is that the smaller the picoliters of ink, the better the print will turn out. The print turns out better because of higher resolution and just a higher quality print job all around.

-The number of ink cartridges simply refers to the array of available ink colors. Basic printers are equipped with 5 colors, mid-level printers with 8, and high-end printers have 12. Think of crayon boxes; the more colors you have access to, the more options you have.   


  • Capability: How well does it perform? The bigger question here is, how fast can it print? Commercial print jobs often depend on speed just as much as they do accuracy and aesthetic clarity. Better speed means better efficiency. But remember that speed often comes at the cost of overall print quality.
  • Cost: How much does it cost? Cost could sway your decision to lease or buy.
  • Size: How big is the wide format printer? Also consider the size of the print jobs and of the documents you’ll be using. Those are significant considerations as well.
  • Support: Like any office equipment, having technical support is immensely helpful. Consider what supplier or servicer you choose for support.  Having a technician come in every day can be time-consuming, frustrating, and worst of all, can slow production to a crawl.

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