A CP Applicator on Your Folding Machine Can Make A Huge Difference

CP applicator

What can a CP applicator do for you?

What can a CP applicator do for you? A CP (close proximity) applicator on your folding machine can make a huge difference. Not only will it make you more money, it can also help make life at work enormously easier. In this blog we’ll talk about the huge differences a CP applicator can make.


Some Examples of What a CP Applicator Can Do


First of all, perhaps some examples of what a CP applicator can do will help. Here is our first example, with folded signatures and perforated tear-out pages. This example applies to 16-page signatures:


  • This process applies to book production, especially books with saddle-stitching or perfect-binding. With these books, a perforation has to be placed extremely carefully and in a precise spot. This precise spot is in the spine of the book. So what do you do?
  • Start in the main parallel section of the spine. Here, fold in half and use a conventional perf to make a perforation of the head. Perfing the head will release air.
  • Next, move to the eight page right angle section. Here, fold in half again. And now, the CP applicator enters the process. Focus on the tear-out pages that you need. Press the CP applicator to the tear-out pages and make one score and two perforations on them.
  • Last, it’s time to address the sixteen-page right angle section. This section is where place the final fold on the spine of the book itself.


A second example deals with folded coupons or tickets printed on cardstock. This example is much simpler than the first one. This second example also demands much less precision. Crease the cardstock so it can fold correctly. Put any perforations you need close to the crease. The perforations and crease must be close together, another circumstance in which a CP applicator can be immensely helpful. The CP applicator can help prevent the pesky problem of fiber cracking. Fiber cracking is a frequent issue with cardstock.


Make More Money and Run Numerous Types of Jobs

Eliminating costly second-run operations helps you save money and increases profits. The CP applicator lets you go directly from press to folder. With cardstock, you can go from the cutter to the folder. Keep any outsourced work in-house instead. What other jobs can you run with a CP applicator? Besides signatures, you can also run tickets, vouchers, order forms, even normal creasing jobs that don’t require such close creasing and folding.

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