The Advantages of UV Coating for Large Format Printings

uv coating

UV Coatings are excellent for making colors pop.

Ultraviolet coatings, or UV coatings for short, make printed pieces more eye catching, and are perfect for products that need a more rich and dramatic look. These coatings are applied to printed surfaces and are cured with a special machine that uses ultraviolet light. UV coatings have a number of advantages over aqueous coating or varnish, and are more cost effective than traditional laminations. Here are a few reasons why you might want to add a UV coating machine to your print shop.

  • UV coatings can achieve a very high finish, even more so than varnish or aqueous coatings. Because these coatings are so extremely hard, they also provide resistance to smudges and marks.
  • UV coatings provide abrasion resistance, meaning that if your printed piece is going to be exposed to a lot of use, a UV coating will improve the durability and staying power of your piece’s visual appeal. This is particularly advantageous for packaging, signage, banners, and trade show graphics.
  • UV coatings make your printed pieces details pop and stand out more, so they are great for photographic images and company logos.
  • UV coatings are environmentally friendly and free of solvents or volatile organic compounds.
  • UV light exposure provides instantaneous drying times to reduce production time and enable faster shipping and delivery times.

Ultraviolet coatings come in a number of different finishes so that you can achieve a look that adequately fits the needs of your customers.

  • High gloss coatings are the most cost effective and provide a glossier look. They are typically used for image-rich projects where you want to brick out deep, rich colors like blues and blacks.
  • Matte coatings are a more durable, flat finish that are better suited toward signage, banners, packaging, comprehensives and presentations. They produce a non glare surface.
  • Satin coatings provide a nicer, more elegant look that adds more depth and a soothing effect to deeper colors. Like matte finishes, they are particularly useful for packaging and presentations.
  • Soft touch coatings are particularly popular amongst the design community. They feature a velvety matte look while also achieving a more durable soft touch finish.
  • Dry erase coatings produce a durable, dry erase surface that can be wiped off. This coating is effective for menu and presentation boards. They are frequently used for corporate presentations, courtroom displays and charts.

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